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12/13/2018 : 12:24 am : +0100


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The Sauriermuseum is the only museum in Switzerland that shows a complete skeletton of a plateosaurus found at the clay quary at Frick. Besides other fossils, the museum also shows a video about the discovery of the dinosaur findings. A visit to the museum is not just worthwhile for individuals but also for families and school classes. For groups there are also guided tours available.

Current Highlight

On every first Sunday of the month there will be a show preparation of some bones found at Frick during the usual opening hours between 2 - 5 pm.



  • Dinosaur educational path with eight stations from the Museum to the clay quarry at Frick
  • Only undefinedcomplete skeletton of a plateosaurus found in Switzerland
  • Fossils and minerals from the clay quarry at Frick and the iron quarry at Herznach
  • Video Show: The dinosaurs of Frick
  • undefinedMuseum-Shop